Welcome to MAD FOOL.

This business has been a long time in the making.  

Mad Fool has shape shifted and evolved alongside my own growth, and took about 4 years to reach this point .  So to my family, friends and colleagues who have been a part of some iteration, inspired me and supported me along the way, THANK YOU.

I’ve been a lover of movies and TV since I was a little kid.  My dad was on the financial side of the entertainment business, and was a performer and singer at heart, so the prospects of going into entertainment as a career was always supported.

In high school, I would make films instead of writing papers.  Instead of going to regular camp, I went to film camp and spent the summer before my senior year in high school making short films on black and white super 8MM film, getting it developed in Germany before spending countless hours editing it on a tiny film splicer.  And then I got accepted into New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts for Film Production, and moved to New York City at 18 without a cell phone or knowing anyone!

Then, something shifted in college for me.  Somewhere along the way I lost my confidence.  Now, I wasn’t 100% certain when I started film school that I wanted to be a Director, but I knew I was creative and I hadn’t doubted that.  But for some reason, I started to believe I didn’t have a story worth telling. Being around all these super talented and connected kids made me feel small. I started to produce my friend’s student films, and found that I enjoyed it.  I liked math, had good instincts, was good with people and organization and was naturally resourceful.  I explored other areas that I liked, Production Design and Special Effects Makeup, but I stuck with producing because it felt safe and comfortable.

I’ve always been a hard worker, so when I graduated in 2006, I had a few internships and jobs in entertainment under my belt, and felt ready to start my career.

Fast forward to now, 2022, and I have had a fulfilling career that I’m very proud of. I started as a Production Assistant and worked my way up to being an Executive Producer, while staying true to myself, working hard, treating others with kindness and empathy, creating good relationships, taking advantage of opportunities, and taking calculated risks. I’ve produced numerous commercials for huge brands, won many awards and am a 2x Emmy nominated Producer for Best Commercial.  

Most importantly, I’ve worked with some of the best humans who I’m lucky to call my friends.  Their talent, creativity and dedication to craft pushed me to be better, and has made all those countless, stressful production times, where we didn’t know if we’d get the shot, or had enough footage to make something in the edit room, and so many other crazy challenges, all worth it.

Now, around 2017/2018 I started to get an itch to do something else.  I felt I had accomplished most everything I wanted in my current track, and that there was something else out there for me. 

I quit my job at the ad agency I had been with for 8 years, and that had really shaped and propelled my career.  I didn’t have another job,  all I had was a few months of PTO that I was paid out for, and a nugget of an idea to start a company.

Fast forward again and it’s January 2022.  Since then, I’ve worked for Google, Territory Studios and Facebook/ Meta, and have had what I call a few “false starts” to Mad Fool.  

Every iteration would have been really cool in its own right.  But timing, circumstance, Covid, and other obligations made it hard for any of those versions of MF to take off.

In 2017, I started with the question “How can I take my skills and experience and turn it into my own thing?”  But more recently, the question became “What business do I see myself building or work am I doing if failure wasn’t an option and money was abundant?” 

 Now, the reality is failure is 100% part of the process of building your own business, and really anything you want to get good at.  And although I believe in the abundance mindset when it comes to money and life, I don’t have unlimited funds to throw at the business either.  

But what this question did for me, was get me out of my comfort zone and limited beliefs to really dream and explore parts of me that were dormant or unexplored.  And most importantly give me the courage and confidence to just start somewhere with what I already have and can do on my own, and build something that others can join when they are ready.

How did I even come to this new question?  Lots of fucking self work, introspection, trial and error, exploration and experimentation.  And simply came to the conclusion, if I can make others' ideas come to life, why can’t I do that for myself?   

I also knew I had to let go of the perfectionism in me, the need to know everything before I start, the fear of looking bad, feeling pressured to stay in “my zone” or in a box, and all the other limited beliefs or stories I had that were holding me back.


Unknown, Street Art - NYC


Unknown, Art shared to me from a friend

So here we are. MAD FOOL - Part coaching program. Part idea lab.  

I am so excited you are here and what we’ll do together.  


Unknown, Street Art, Downtown Arts District - Los Angeles, CA



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